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This is an beta-stage Perl API library for the Etsy Beta API. It implements all the published methods in the API, plus some extra convenience methods, but needs more testing.

It provides an API class that implements the API methods, and a series of Resource classes that represent the returned resources, which in turn provide methods for accessing their data, and for making additional API method calls.

The latest version is WebService::Etsy 0.6.

It is available on CPAN, but the version may lag behind the one here while it gets processed by the CPAN uploading and mirroring system.

release history
5 March, 2009: 0.6
Renamed WebService::Etsy::Result (and subclasses) to WebService::Etsy::Resource
Added extra fields to the Feedback resource object
Removed workaround for bug in getChildTags().
5 March, 2009: 0.5
Added shop() method to WebService::Etsy::Result::User
Added listings() method to WebService::Etsy::Result::Shop
Added listings() method to WebService::Etsy::Result::GiftGuide
Added children() and spaced() methods to WebService::Etsy::Result::Tag
Added default_detail() and default_limit() methods and constructor params to WebService::Etsy Added logging options
Restructured the code generating Result objects.
Added WebService::Etsy::Result::ShopSection and made the Shop object's sections() method return an array of them.
Made WebService::Etsy::Result::Listing return an array of Tag objects for tags and Material objects for materials.
6 February, 2009: 0.4
Fixed a bug in WebService::Etsy::Result::Shop - should extend WebService::Etsy::Result::User
6 February, 2009: 0.3
Created a generic "get method" method in WebService::Etsy.
Simplified the WebService::Etsy::Methods to use the new method.
Simplified the generate_methods.pl script.
6 February, 2009: 0.2
Fixed an issue with CPAN's indexer.
Moved Result objects into an separate class
5 February, 2009: 0.1
Initial very-alpha release.

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