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This hack downloads your sales data and allows you to search for transactions by item name, buyer username, and "ship to" name. It also adds a note to the convo page to give you details of what the user has bought from you.

Note: You'll need to follow the installation instructions carefully - follow the steps to import your sales data before you can start searching.

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installation and operation
  • Install Firefox and Greasemonkey if you haven't already got them. You'll need to restart Firefox after installing Greasemonkey.
  • Once Greasemonkey is installed and running, follow this link (or click on the orange "install" button above).
  • The "sold orders plus" script will be downloaded, and Greasemonkey will ask if you want to install it. Assuming you trust me, click "Install".
  • Log in to Etsy, and go to your sold orders page.

importing your sales data

Before you can make use of this hack, you'll need to import your sales data. If you have a lot of sales and/or a slow internet connection, this could take a while. At least one beta tester with about 25,000 sales reported it took about 90 minutes. It takes a couple of minutes to import a few hundred sales. Don't start the import if you're in the middle of working - you'll need to be able to leave your browser to get on with the import.

Log in to Etsy, and go to your sold orders page. Click on the Tools menu in Firefox, then click on "Greasemonkey", then "User Script Commands", then "Import all sales data".

Import sales data menu option

It is quite likely that Firefox will pop up its "unresponsive script" box during the import.

Unresponsive script screenshot

The script isn't unresponsive, just very busy. You should choose the "continue" option. Do not choose "stop script".

Progress will be displayed in a box at the top right of your screen. Once all the files are imported, a search box will be added to your "sold orders" page.

Note: Some sellers have sold so many items (congratulations) that the import process tends to choke. In that case, you can use the "Import all sales data (slow)" option. This does the import, but requires you to click "next" in the top left of the screen after each file is imported. It's slow, but it seems to get the job done.

controlling sales data updates

The hack is configured to automatically download new sales data whenever it sees new transactions. Checking for new sales should be fairly quick, but if you'd like to turn the feature off, you can do so.

Go to Tools > Greasemonkey > User Script Commands and click on "Turn sales auto-update off". If you want to turn auto-update back on again later, you can do so using the "Turn sales auto-update on" option from the same menu.

To update your sales data at any time (whether auto-update is on or off) you can go to Tools > Greasemonkey > User Script Commands and click on "Import latest sales data".

searching sales data

Log in to Etsy, and go to your sold orders page. Enter your search terms in the search box, select the type of search you want to perform (listing title, buyer account, or "ship to" name) and click "Search".

Title and "ship to" name searches will search for words (or partially matching words) in any order, unless you enclose search terms in quotation marks. So a title search for 'custom order jean' would find 'Custom order for Jean' and 'Special order custom jeans', while '"custom order" jean' would only find 'Custom order for Jean'.

sales stats

Log in to Etsy, and go to your sold orders page. Go to "Tools > Greasemonkey > Display sales stats". A table will appear with per-year sales summaries - click a year to show per-month summaries. These summaries aren't guaranteed to be accurate - they're a guide for informational purposes. Don't rely on them for tax or other official uses.

screenshots - sold orders page


Sold Orders screen before


Sold Orders screen after

searching by title and shipping name

Searching by title

Searching by shipping name

Click on the date to be taken to the receipt page for the transaction's order.

searching by buyer

Searching by buyer

Click on the buyer's account name to see all their orders:

Searching by buyer - order details

Click on the date next to an order to be taken to the receipt page for that order.

screenshots - receipt page


Receipt screen before


Receipt screen after

Click on the "orders" link to see all the orders you've received from this buyer. The current order is in the darker grey row.

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screenshots - convo page


Convo screen before


Convo screen after

Click on the "sales" link to see all the orders you've received from this buyer.

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release history
1 November, 2010: 4.7
Fixed a bug caused by header changes.
24 September, 2010: 4.6
Updated to account for changes to CSV file format.
Added "import slow" option for big sellers.
8 June, 2010: 4.4
Fixed a bug caused by changes to the sold orders page.
14 April, 2010: 4.3
Fixed a bug caused by changes to the sold orders page.
12 March, 2010: 4.2
Fixed a bug caused by changes to the page header.
10 November, 2009: 4.1
Fixed a bug caused by changes to the page header.
9 November, 2009: 4.0
Buyer search results now in alphabetical order.
Repeat buyers get an orange star next to them, which links to order summaries.
Added "display sales stats" feature.
20 July, 2009: 3.1
Fixed a bug that occurs when the "happy birthday" message appears in the nav bar.
23 April 2009: 3.0
Changed the logic for importing data so that it only imports if there are new sales
Fixed a bug with data import that was affecting a small number of users.
Added importing of more address fields for future use.
15 April, 2009: 2.0
Added fuzzier searching for title and shipping name searches.
7 April, 2009: 1.0
Initial release

Questions, comments, and feedback welcomed.

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