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My wife runs a shop on Etsy. As her official geek-in-residence, I've been building some tools to help her run her business more efficiently, and I'm making some of them available here for the rest of the Etsy community.

Coming soon! The Greasemonkey scripts are currently only for Firefox. Over the next few weeks I'll be working to make them available for Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, and Chrome. Although I'd always recommend running Firefox, if you use a different browser please check back later, or sign up for announcements.

Greasemonkey is an add-on for the Firefox web browser, that allows you to run "scripts", or little programs that alter the web pages you view. See Installing Greasemonkey for more information.

Popular hacks:

  • copy listing - create a new listing based on an existing one.
  • item zoom - adds a zoom icon to images in search and shop listings.
  • edit this item - edit or delete a listing from the View Listing page.
  • buyer info - add extra information to the "buyer" box on a receipt page.
  • forum wrangler - add extra features to the Etsy forum pages.

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These are tools I've built using the new Etsy API to help you get more information about your shop.

  • RSS Feedback - get an RSS or Atom feed for your Etsy user feedback.
  • Where Am I? - find where you shop appears in a search.
  • Shop Value - how much is your inventory worth?
  • Shop CSV - download your current listings in CSV format to load into a spreadsheet.

Bookmarklets are little snippets of JavaScript which you can bookmark and then run on other pages, allowing you to do new and useful things.

They're an alternative to Greasemonkey, for those who can't or won't install it.

Popular hacks:

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I'm writing a blog about my work here, and the state of Etsy and third-party development.

tools from other developers

Other developers are hard at work building useful things for Etsy sellers and buyers. Here are a few of them:

  • Heartomatic from CraftCult - see who hearts your shop and items.
  • Lets Ets - Google Base formatter, and a custom Etsy search tool.
  • Featurator - get notified when your items are featured on Etsy
  • Down Doggy - domain services and tools for Etsy sellers

Questions, comments, and feedback welcomed.

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The code provided at etsyhacks.com is free. However, if you find it makes your life better, and you'd like to support future development, you can send me money via PayPal by clicking on the "Donate" button to the right.

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